FLEYE COPENHAGEN is one of those cool brands which I am quite a fan of. Infact, I also love Copenhagen as a city and I love the Copenhagen Specs show too. I think I am just a fan of the Scandinavian way of things full stop.

So, as the weather is getting nicer and we are slowly moving towards summer, sunglasses will of course become the ultimate accessory. It is quite often you will see eyewear brands bringing out special editions of sunglasses just for summer.

Over at FLEYE COPENHAGEN, they too are bringing out special edition sunglasses called Lobster. I bet you are all thinking, lobster, as in the seafood? Well, yes, and I can see why.



Lobster is a limited edition model inspired by the smørrebrød concept from their previous campaign. In case you didn’t know, smørrebrød is a Scandinavia dish. The Lobster emphasises the meticulous craftsmanship, sculpted volumes and the iconic playfulness that FLEYE Copenhagen is known for.

Hand-crafted from sleek beta-titanium they are super light and extremely comfortable to wear on a day to day basis.  This makes them perfect for the summer where hopefully the sun will shinning everyday. Lobster is from the FLEYE COPENHAGEN exclusive Signature Collection which is available at selected opticians and stores only. Check out their website for more information.