I have written about Monkey Monkey sunglasses before, but that was at a time before having children myself. It was my second cousins who tried them out for me back in 2015. Now I am a mum, I do get brands asking me if I would like to review them. I now naturally take an interest in children’s eyewear because I want to make sure my girls are safe in the sun.

The UK has been having some amazing sunshine lately so it is the perfect time to take a closer look to ensure my girls are protected when they are playing outside.

Before I start the review, I just wanted to say my husband and I are not a believer of putting photos of our children online or on social media so you won’t find her wearing them for this blog post or for any of my social media accounts. We don’t even let any friends and family members put photos of them on their own social media channels just because you really don’t know how secure other people have their account settings. The world wide web and social media is great but can be a dangerous place. I’ve nothing against people who do put their children on social media but this is just not for us.

And a thank you to my niece, nephew and my daughter for lending me a hand with the photos. ha!

Anyway, back to the sunglasses.

The Monkey Monkey Sunglasses

I think it goes without saying that during the summer period, we all love to be outdoors. If you are a mum then you can certainly understand that children do not like to stay indoors all the time. They are active, want to play and cannot be contained by the 4 walls.

Monkey Monkey Sunglasses Summer 2018

Monkey Monkey Sunglasses Summer 2018

Some eye related UV facts

We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen on our skin but, what about our eyes? Did you know 80% of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV radiation occurs before the age of 18? Did you know children’s eyes are not yet fully developed, so they have less natural protection from the harmful effects of UV light? Also, Children’s pupils are larger than adults, meaning they let in more UV light and their crystalline lens is more transparent, meaning it is less efficient at filtering out UV. Basically, it is more important to put sunglasses on children than on ourselves as adults.

Monkey Monkey Children Sunglasses Summer 2018

Monkey Monkey Children Sunglasses Summer 2018

I do know a lot of parents struggle with putting sunglasses on their children because they don’t want to wear them. I know for a fact from speaking to other mums on the playground that they feel there isn’t much of a stylish range to choose from and they are bored of the characters sunglasses. However, I can assure you, Monkey Monkey sunglasses do offer a fantastic range of sunnies for children from age 3 onwards (the core range anyway).

It’s a very stylish collection and one of the best things is that they don’t cost the earth. Prices start from £10, for that price you can rest reassured that your child is fully protected because Monkey Monkey sunglasses have won awards for their innovation in children’s eyewear.

As a mum if you are willing to spend money on buying good sun tan lotion, nice clothes and basically making sure they have the best, why not spend £10 on a pair of sunglasses that can fully protect you child’s eyes? It is a no brainer.

Check out the Monkey Monkey sunglasses over here.  It is the perfect time to buy your children a pair because the summer holiday has commenced!

I hope all the parents out there survive the 6 weeks, best of luck and wish luck to me too. ha!