So, who watched The Great British Bake Off on Tuesday? I must admit, I didn’t but I do have a very good excuse and that is… I have two small children. If they don’t play ball and go to bed, I do not get the luxury of TV time. Ha!

I recorded it and watched it on Wednesday/Thursday. Yes, I watched it in two parts because I am that tired that I cannot keep my eyes open for an hour. Again, I blame motherhood for my tiredness.

I think everyone has got over the fact that it is now on channel 4 with new hosts. From the last series, I actually became a big fan of Prue Leith too just because she is proving to everyone that just because you fall into a certain age bracket, it doesn’t mean you can’t go bold and bright. I am loving her style, especially her choice in eyewear.

Bake Off 2018- image taken from

Bake Off 2018- image taken from

For Bake Off 2018, it seems like Prue went for another eyewear brand. From all the pre show promotion work that went on, I could tell what glasses she was wearing from a mile off. You cannot miss a pair of Kirk & Kirk. They have a very distinctive design and the colours they offer are very vibrant because they use acrylic.  With acrylic you can achieve some very interesting and fun colourways.

I was loving the blue Kirk & Kirk she was wearing during Tuesday’s show. They were on point with her red dress. I hope she will be rocking many more different frames throughout the series because surely someone like Prue must have a fantastic selection of eyewear to accompany her wardrobe.