This post is still the post Silmo post because I said I will write about 3 brands in more details. So, the first brand I mentioned was FlyCopenhagen and the second brand I want to mention is Reykjavik. I think from the name you can probably all guess where the brand is originated from. Yes, Iceland.

The brand is quite cool. Mainly focus on titanium and if you have been following me then you would know I am not normally a fan of any sort of metal frames just because they always reminds me of my first ever pair of glasses in the early 90’s. However, metal frames have come SOOOO far since then. Now when I see metal frames, I want to wear them and they are cool.

Reykjavik is one of those brand which I want to wear. the designs are very simple but very elegant. It is the finer details and the craftsmanship which stood out to me and the brand also offer the black label collection which is even more sophisticated and using expensive luxury materials such as 18k gold plated for finishing touches.

The inspiration behind the brand is of course the beautiful landscape and scenery from Iceland. Everything is designed in Iceland and made in Italy to ensure the highest standard are reached for each frame. There are many brands out there which offer something similar but they stood out to me because I liked the story behind the brand and I like the fact the brand takes inspiration from Iceland but most of all I was impressed with the quality. Also, during Silmo, they had a pretty cool looking stand too which immediately got my attention. It was mysterious and yet sophisticated.