This is the third and final blog post from Silmo 2018. In the original blog post, I said I will pick 3 brands to write about in more details because there are so many brands and this will be my third and final one. However, I will be giving a special shout out to Brando after this blog post. Simply because I bloody loved everything they had on offer.

My third and final brand to mention is Neo – Ne from the Hong Kong area. It is the first time they are exhibiting in Silmo so I wanted to show my support for new brands, plus their stuff were pretty cool too and I really liked the story behind the brand. It was a win win combination for me.

Neo-Ne at Silmo 2018

Neo-Ne at Silmo 2018

The brand is founded by a father and son duo. The dad have had over 20 years of experience in the optical arena and he is passing his wisdom to his son. His son got a design background so he is the brain behind all the frames design. Speaking to the son, I can see his passion coming through as he was explaining some of the designs and why he picked a certain finishing over another. I could of spoke to him for ages and yes, we were¬† speaking in Cantonese and yes, I am fluent in Cantonese. A fun fact you probably didn’t know about me. ha!

I thought the designs Neo-Ne offered were cool, there were some funky styles combined with some classic staple shape that you can’t go wrong with. However, Neo-Ne added their own touch to give the classic designs a refreshed look and feel about them. They are focused on the finer, subtle details. You need to pick up their frames to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes with it. If you think stuff from China are not great, then think again. This may sway your mind.

I wish them the best of luck in the future and I hope Silmo 2018 was a good show for them. I hope to see them again in Silmo 2019.