Bake off 2018 has come to an end, what are we all going to do on a Tuesday night now? For me, maybe I can not rush so much with getting my daughters in bed so I can watch it. Tuesday may become more relaxing for me and I can get more rest. ha! I was rooting for Ruby, but oh well.

Bake off 2018, you’ve got to admit, Prue had some pretty cool glasses. In the beginning of the series I did do a blog post on this. Now it is all done and dusted I thought I will give a quick shout out on her eyewear throughout this series.

Great British Bake Off 2018

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If in every episode you have seen and wondered where are Prue’s glasses are from then I can tell you now that each pair she wore was by a brand called Kirk&Kirk. It is a well known brand for making acrylic frames. Normally plastic frames are made from acetate but not Kirk&Kirk. They make them out of acrylic so they can get such a vibrant range of colours.

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Kirk&Kirk have stockists everywhere so the best thing to do is to check out their website and find your nearest stockist. However, no store will ever carry the full range just because there are too many within a collection. However, you can request your optician to get a certain style into store should you wish to.

I am sure all of Prue’s styles will be popular. I am so interested to see what brand Prue will be wearing next year? She is clearly a very colourful lady and there are many colourful brands out there, just on top of my head, I love to see her in maybe Frost, Coco Song and maybe something like Francis Klein for a bit of glam.

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