First blog post of 2019… here it goes. Back in July 2018 when we were having the most glorious summer I was given a task by my client STEPPER eyewear to test out some of their new frames. That experiment is what inspired this post.

I was asked to test out how light and comfy the STEPPER glasses were and it reminded me of the importance of picking the right lenses. By picking the right lenses, I mean how thick or thin should you go?

Thinner or Thicker Lenses?

Thinner or Thicker Lenses?

From experience, bearing in mind my current prescription is -4.75 (which I know it isn’t awful) picking the right lenses matters. Since starting the blog, I have been very spoiled by various lens companies who can offer me the best of the best. So, before doing the STEPPER experiment, I simply forgot how thick my lenses could be.  Yep, they can be pretty thick! Ha! I can fully appreciate for most consumers, getting the best type of lenses can be very expensive so, I have some handy tips for you to consider.

  1. From experience, for any prescription beyond -2.50, you should consider getting thinner lenses, but it does depend on what glasses you are getting.
  2. Acetate frames are better at hiding a thicker lens but they also tend to weigh more.  Add the weight of a thicker lens on top and the end result will be a heavier frame overall.
  3. Acetate frames are not the only type of plastic available.  Acrylic is another type, they are light and vibrant in colour and my client STEPPER eyewear also produce a type of plastic called TX5 which is very light. With a thicker lens, they shouldn’t be too heavy to wear.
  4. Metal frames are lighter but not that good at hiding thick lenses.
  5. Apart from the two most common materials, plastic and metal, other materials are available such as wood. Some are light in weight and also hide thick lenses well.
  6. If your prescription is high then picking the right size frame matters, the bigger the frame style, the harder it is to hide how thick the lenses are.
Thinner or Thicker Lenses?

Thinner or Thicker Lenses?

Some lens companies now offer not just thinner lenses, but EXTRA thin lenses so the results are amazing.  For the wearer, it does make a huge difference in weight especially if you have to wear them all day, day in, day out. However, from experience, just because you need a higher prescription, it doesn’t mean you have to get thinner lens. To save the cost of thinner lens, picking the right frame will help a lot.

If your budget does stretch, then in my opinion, yes, thinner lenses are fantastic because they will make the frame lighter to wear and will therefore be more comfortable. From my STEPPER experiment I certainly learned thicker lenses are uncomfy to wear.  For that experiment, I had 3 very different frames to try.  All 3 frames didn’t have thinner lenses but the end result of each looked very different (see photo at the top so you see what I mean). The 3 frames were different shapes, sizes and materials.

Next time you are buying a frame, it is worth asking the lens question and when picking the frame and consider what lenses will work best for that frame. (This is not a sponsored post)