First of all, I just wanted to say it is not easy to pick just 3 of my favourites from the start up area of Opti 2019. There were 16 brands!!!

In each blog post, I will explain why I picked the brand as one of my top 3. All the brands have their unique selling points and they all have a different takes on eyewear. By the way, they are in no particular order.

First up, we have a new brand called Lightbird. Why do I like them? Well, the innovation behind it, is fantastic. I really do like a brand that is trying to innovate and be a bit different to conventional method. Lightbird is certainly doing something a bit different. The glasses are made from a combination of metal and acetate. There is nothing new there but they have a patented a way to combined the two material together and that is a type of glue used in the aerospace industry.

LightBird at Opti 2019

LightBird at Opti 2019

Gluing the two materials together using this method, they almost merge into a single entity and it gives the frame new depth from every angle. Clever stuff!

Then this next point is more for opticians who wish to stock Lightbird. Each temple of a Lightbird frame comes with a unique QR code. This QR code is unique to each frame so almost like a birth certificate for that fame, if you like.

This is useful because it allows anyone in the supply chain to access information on the frame. It will also allow easier communication between Lightbird and the opticians if there are any problems.

If you like your tech and you like your innovative product then I say give Lightbird a try.

The collection I saw during Opti is the very first collection and they haven’t gone crazy with the designs. They’ve mostly included some key shapes that are wearable. However, they do have one design which is what I called the show piece. It is a heart shape frame within the sunglasses range. When you see it, you go wow!

Check out Lightbird here and I wish them the best of luck in 2019 and I hope to see them grow.