Plastic, really is EVERYWHERE and there is no avoiding the stuff in our daily lives. After watching a show called “Drowning in plastic” in the UK, it really hit home that we need to do something about it.

I certainly have started to cut back in my personal life.  At home I buy more consciously and reduce the amount of non-recyclable plastic that enters my home. All my close friends that know me well, I am a die hard fashion girl. I am even buying less fashion or when I do buy, I am trying to buy more consciously too.

Did you know, millions of tiny plastic fibres in clothes get washed away into the sea during EVERY wash cycle? So, just think how many clothes you have right now that have some sort of plastic fibres in them. Yeah, SCARY!  I thought, since I work in the eyewear industry, why not shift my focus at work too?

I can put my hands up and say “Hi, my name is Siu, and I have A LOT of glasses!”, especially the plastic kind. I am not going to say that everyone should throw away their plastic glasses or people should stop producing plastic glasses.  Nor am I saying everyone should now only wear materials that can be completely recycled, it unfortunately isn’t realistic at the moment. However, I am going to make people aware, there are brands out there that are more mindful of the environment.

My reason for covering it on MGAM is because I think it is a topic we should all care about. Plastic is something we can no longer ignore.

From Sea2See Eyewear

From Sea2See Eyewear

Plastic in the sea, what usually happens to them? Nothing is the answer, apart from killing sealife and in some places, the sea is literally covered in plastic because there is so much of the stuff.  They are tough and take so long to degrade, they just get broken off into smaller pieces which sealife mistakes as food. The sealife consumes it and if we eat them then yes, we are also consuming plastic as humans. Now, with that image in your head. What if I told you, there is an eyewear brand that uses the waste plastic from the Ocean to produce eyewear? Say hello to Sea2See.

A helping hand

I met the founder Francois Van den Abeele back at Opti 2019. It was so great to talk to him and to see his passion coming through.  He said to me:

“I didn’t start Sea2See to save the planet and nor do I want people to think that. I am not the only solution to the problem. However, I want to do something about it and eyewear seemed like a good place to start because a lot of them are made out of plastic”

From Sea2See Eyewear

From Sea2See Eyewear

What is Sea2See?

So, what is Sea2See,? It is very simple. Take the marine waste plastic from the ocean, turn them into a raw material again (usable plastic) and finally turn them into eyewear. From marine waste to glasses, it takes six steps and it is scary to think each day at least 1 ton of waste is collected from the ocean. At the moment Sea2See collect ocean waste from 30 different ports in Spain. You do the math and think, just how much is collected in 365 days? This is just collecting from one country! Another interesting fact for you, for each pair of Sea2See eyewear that is made, it means that 10m2 of the ocean has been cleaned.

By people wearing Sea2See eyewear, you alone are not saving the planet as such (but you are doing your bit to help). However, if you spread the word of Sea2See, more people support the brand then perhaps slowly but surely, we are tackling this plastic epidemic together.

Affordable & Sustainable

Everyone always moan that sustainable fashion is expensive but you will be surprised just how affordable Sea2See eyewear is and how stylish they are. They start from £76 and why not support a brand that is actually doing something about the environment rather than buying yet another big name fashion brand, where to be honest, most of your money is just going towards paying for the name.

Go to the website and check it out. Read their story and find out more about them yourself. Buy more consciously and be aware of your surroundings. Plastic waste is now something we can no longer ignore. The problem is very real. Let’s work together to reduce the problem as much as we can before there is no turning back.