The founder of The Eyewear Forum Maarten Weidema won the award for International Optical Personality of the year during the “Monaco International Optics Trophies” award ceremony, held in a very beautiful part of France, Nice.

If you work within the eyewear industry or you want to get into the eyewear industry then Maarten is the person you need to know. Even I myself ask him for advise on a regular basis because his knowledge of the industry is far and wide. From shop design to glasses design but now Maarten puts his focus on promoting independent eyewear.

There are so many great independent eyewear brands out there and it is a shame that all the big name brands overshadow them. However, by creating The Eyewear Forum, Maarten wanted to create a community for independent eyewear brands and he has successfully achieved that.

So, if you ask us, he sure was a worthy winner, someone who is passionate about supporting independent eyewear brands with so much knowledge in different areas of the optical industry. He was even more of a worthy winner when he accidentally didn’t even show up to collect his award!

There is a funny story to this, Maarten had been away in New York and went straight to Nice for the ceremony. The jet lag basically got the better of him so he ended up falling asleep and completely missed the awards. If you don’t call that personality, I don’t know what is, he was being a true rock star. ha!

Maarten from TEF Wins International Optical Personality of the Year Award

Maarten from TEF Wins International Optical Personality of the Year Award

After some sleep and much needed rest, Maarten went to collect his award the next day in Nice and he released this statement below:

“We were overwhelmed and grateful by the 3,000 votes from optical professionals from all over the world, who have chosen Maarten as this year’s most influential personality within the optical arena and who saw his articles as the most informative and reliable source”

Go and check out The Eyewear Forum and see for yourself. It is the space for independent eyewear or if you just have a general interest within the eyewear sector. The Eyewear Forum website was launched in late 2018 and already it has proven to be a hit within the eyewear sector but the TEF Facebook group has been established since 2015 . You will find all sorts of useful blog posts for your practice there and will see some amazing eyewear brands modelled by influential people within the optical industry from around the world. Here at MGAM feel privileged and proud to be a part of it.

Congratulations once again Maarten for winning the International Optical Personality of the Year Award. A truly worthy winner.