This blog post is not just about MyGlassesAndMe hosting a sample sale, it is also about raising money for my friend Kate who will be running the London marathon next year for a charity called Ovacome.

I have been thinking about what to write in this blog post a lot and to be honest, even now as I am typing, I still don’t know exactly what to write but I am writing from the heart. Why, I hear you ask?

Last year Kate sadly lost her mum to ovarian cancer. I was devastated for her, I was speechless and I am never speechless. It happened so quickly and it was out of the blue. I hadn’t heard from her for a while but I just thought it was because we were both busy. I wanted to cry as soon as she told me, and I did. I was sad for her loss and I felt sad too as a mum, and as a woman. The thought this could happen to my mum or myself with two young girls who would also suffer. The thought that I would never see my girls again and as a woman, the organ that once was able to help create life could hold a tumour so deadly, it could kill me. It filled me with a mix of emotions.

Back in 2016, MyGlassesAndMe was selling our very own branded MGAM sunglasses. Now, 4 years later I was having a clear out and I found some of those sunglasses.  There is not a lot don’t get me wrong because most were sold out back in 2016 but the stock control must have been off. Seeing them gave me an idea, why not do a sample sale and I will donate half of the money to Kate to help her fundraising journey for the London Marathon 2020.

I feel very proud of her for running, I know she is not a runner and in fact, she isn’t even keen on exercising but she is doing it in memory of her dear mum. She also REALLY wants to help raise awareness of this deadly silent cancer since most of the time by the time it is detected, it is too late. The symptoms are not obvious. At the moment, they are still trying to find ways to detect this silent cancer early, to catch it before it is too late, but there is still a way to go. That is why funding is needed and that is why Kate is raising money for Ovacome. As a woman, as a daughter, as a wife and as a mum, this is something I care about too.

If you are in need of some new sunglasses anyway then please do take a look at the MGAM range. Yes they may not be a “designer” brand but I can assure you that when we originally put this collection together, we made sure the sunglasses were good quality and let’s face it, if you know me, you know I am all about the quality. They are sturdy frames which were sold at £60-£75 but now for this sample sale, they are at £30 including postage. An absolute steal! Half of the proceeds from the sample sale will be donated to Ovacome.  Please take a look here and help my friend to raise some much needed funds for Ovacome. Alternatively if you don’t need sunglasses but wish to help my friend then you can also donate here, her target for the marathon is £2500. THANK YOU all in advance!

From Kate…

” Ovacome is a smaller Ovarian cancer charity started in 1996 and has over 5000 members and has helped over 18,000 people. Ovarian Cancer is the fifth most common cancers in women but little is known or communicated about it. Ovarian cancer tends to present symptoms at a very late stage. These can include bloating, discomfort in your tummy or pelvic area, needing to pee more, feeling full more quickly or loss of appetite.

Treatment is available for ovarian cancer which includes surgery and chemotherapy and the earlier the cancer is caught, the better the outcome. Sadly, even with successful treatment, there is a high chance the cancer will come back within the next couple of years and if it does, it cannot be cured.

When my mum was in hospital with only a few weeks left of her life, I joked to her and said I would run a marathon to raise awareness and funds for ovarian cancer sufferers. She replied in a cautious manner, “Maybe just a half”

So, I’m running the marathon for many reasons. One, simply because I am not a runner and I want to prove to myself and others than anyone can achieve this with sheer hard work and determination, but the most important reason is to honour my mum and raise awareness for ovarian cancer. The more communication and awareness of the symptoms, the greater chance women have of overcoming ovarian cancer and just maybe one day, they will find a cure to eliminate it for good”.