Right, this has been a topic I’ve wanted to talk about for a while. Why? As an optical wearer (for over 20 years of my life) I feel this subject needs to be addressed. Wearing glasses all day, every day causes an indent at the top of your nose where the nose pads rest. I am sure I am not the only person that wears glasses with this problem.

So, lets look at why this happens? Normally when you purchase a frame, if it is an acetate frame then already there is a certain amount of weight to them. If you purchase a pair of metal frames then they tend to be lighter.  However, I find the nose pads on metal frames can sometimes feel like they are really digging into your nose. Especially when lenses are added.

Glasses causing in dent on your nose

Lenses will of course add a certain amount of extra weight to your chosen glasses but just how much will be down to the prescription. So for me I am -4.75 on the left and -4.50 on the right. That is not an awful prescription compared to some people I know but it is bad enough in terms of weight. I always get extra thin lenses where possible to reduce the weight as much as I can.

When you first go to collect your newly glazed glasses, you may not feel the weight on your nose right away, but as you wear them day in, day out, you can start to feel it. Eventually it causes an indent on your nose, or in my case, a red mark which can feel a bit irritating at times.

So how do we go about fixing it? To be honest, for people that cannot wear contact lenses, there is no way to get away from it to give your nose a break.

Glasses causing in dent on your nose

You may see optical wearers lift their frames up then rub the area where the pads sit. I do that just to ease some of the tension.  You often see optical wearers wiggle their nose so the glasses move, again this is to move the pads slightly to ease pressure.

For me, I feel the only way to reduce this indent problem is to alternate your glasses with contact lens but for those who don’t have that option try giving that area a gentle rub.  Applying moisturising cream can help the skin to feel less stretched and dry. Where the pads sit, your skin finds it hard to breathe, hence it is irritating. This is a problem that every optical wearer has so if you have any top tips you want to share on this topic then please comment below.