School is due to start soon so I think this is an appropriate topic to discuss. Especially now, with me being a mum and my eldest daughter due to start school next week! How am I feeling? Like a nervous wreck, the thought of letting her go, the thought that I will be spending far less time with her, basically, I don’t feel ready to let her go.┬áMy daughter, on the other hand, cannot wait to go. ha!

So, let’s talk about eye tests and children, do any of you parents out there have a clue? For me, I work in the industry so I have a much better idea but for others, when should you take your child to have their eyes tested? A lot of parents assume the age of 5 but you are wrong, a lot of parents also think you can only take your child for an eye test once they can read but again, you are also wrong. There are test cards available with pictures and shapes. Meaning toddlers and pre-schoolers can have their eyes tested too.

I mean did you know you can get your child’s eyes tested as young as a toddler? So, we are talking about from the age of 1. The bottom line is, the sooner your child gets their eyes examined, the better because if there are any underlying problems, it will be flagged up. Especially if your child gets the following problems you should take your child to your local opticians straight away. The signs to look for are:

  1.  Problems with eye-hand co-ordination
  2. Complaints of headaches
  3. Sitting too close to the television/device screen

All of the information used in this blog post was provided by EyecareFAQ and the people behind EyecareFAQ (ABDO) are the people who train pretty much all the dispensing opticians in the UK. So, they know their stuff about eyes and eye care.

In a nutshell, you can get your children’s eyes examined way before the age of 5 and if your opticians say they can’t do it, then they are not quite telling the truth. If your opticians said they don’t offer the service then just find one that does. Have I taken mine for an eye test yet? The answer is no, just because I have no concerns at the moment. However, I am looking into booking her first eye test soon.