I am finally catching up on The Great British Bake off. This week Prue’s eyewear is not a new style. She has gone back to her week 1 style which is Face a Face. I managed to figure out contestant Amelia’s glasses the first week too. However, it has been bugging me trying to figure out what glasses contestant Micheal has been wearing. Finally… this week. I think I have it!

The camera was shooting him from the side and there was a VERY distinctive coloured tip with a logo. In fact, it was the husband who said to me “Siu, I think this is one of your favourite brands isn’t it?, Walter & Herbert?”. I walked right up to the telly and said “yep” as soon as I saw their very distinctive logo. I think I also know what style they are. I believe it is a frame called Churchill or there is another pair that is very similar called Fleming.

From this exercise it is clear that the husband has got very good eyes and perhaps I need an eye test again soon. ha! I honestly could not see the logo until I walked closer to the television.

Anyway, you can take a look at the frame here over at the Walter & Herbert website.