As my eldest daughter is now 4 years old she is sure taking notice of all the eyewear I have and definitely taking an interest in glasses. She has actually got quite a few pairs of sunglasses herself and her collection is growing. Naturally, doing what I do for work and now being a mum, I have an interest in children’s eyewear.

Silmo (an optical trade show) is happening this weekend (27th – 30th September). I will not be attending this time which feels a bit odd because I have always attended.  However, it is nice at the same time because shows can be quite hectic.

Even though I am not attending I want to give a little shout out to Zoobug London because they have been nominated for the Silmo D’OR 2019 award for the children’s eyewear category.

Zoobug London

Zoobug London

As soon as I saw the image I was in love with that frame, I wish they make them for adults too. The lens shape itself is round but the acetate surrounding it is cut into a butterfly shape. The acetate is clear but with a beautiful floral pattern in different hues of pink. Under different light, I should imagine the acetate will look stunning, almost like a stained glass window.

As per usual with Zoobug London, the lenses are always top quality. The founder used to be an optometrist and wanted to create a children’s range that doesn’t just look cute and beautiful, but functional and gives young developing eyes the protection they need.

As a mum, I am a fan of this range and my daughter had a pair of Zoobug when she was 2. She has now outgrown them and I think it is time for her to have another pair, I think these butterfly sunnies (style code ZB5044-897) will be perfect for her.

If you are interested in getting your hands on a pair for your little girl then find your nearest stockist and they will be available from the end of November/beginning of December. They are suitable for age 5- 8. Good luck Zoobug for the Silmo D’OR award!