My goodness, how can it be almost time for Opti Munich already? This will be my 4th collaboration with the show and part of the Blogger Spectacle.

On a personal level, this is always a memorable show for me because in 2018 when I attended the show I was nearly 34 weeks pregnant and the team really were super at looking out for me. Then back in January 2019, this was the show I attended to slowly get myself back into the working game after maternity leave. Plus, it is the first show to kick start the new year. There is always a great buzz at the show, many brands want to kick start the new year with new business at Opti Munich.

What can we expect to see this year at Opti 2020?

For me, being part of Blogger Spectacle, I already know what brands I am expecting to see and some have already been in touch. A few of them have certainly jumped out at me and I want to find out more about them such as…

EOE – Eyewear made out of old recycled glasses

ANNU – I saw them last year for the very first time at Opti and I’d love to find out how they are doing one year later

Tonny Eyewear – they have a broad range and the have children glasses which I have an interest in now

and finally…

ActiveSol – a young brand, kids eyewear made with sustainable materials.

Opti Blogger Spectacle 2020 preview

Opti Blogger Spectacle 2020 preview

They are just a handful that I thought I must see during the show. There are so many more brands to see. In fact, I think there are over 24 brands taking part in the Blogger Spectacle.

What is The Blogger Spectacle

For those who are not aware, bloggers from all over Europe are invited to the show. Our job is to judge which brand we feel deserves to win the Blogger Spectacle Awards. In the morning of Saturday 11th January 2020, all 24 brands will have 120 seconds to introduce their brands to us bloggers. After all the pitches, we pick a winner. Simple! Well, I say it is simple but it never is because they are all good in their own ways. It is actually a tough choice every year.

So, what will I be looking for as a panellist? I will be looking for interesting design inspirations, how they bring their eyewear to life, the quality, the materials used (even better if they are eco friendly, a big topic right now) and finally how wearable they are for consumers.

Opti Blogger Spectacle 2020 preview

Opti Blogger Spectacle 2020 preview

I am REALLY looking forward to going to Opti 2020. It really is one of my favourite shows, the first show of the year and very well organised.

The Blogger Spectacle is always great fun and a real pleasure to be apart of and I LOVE Munich as a city too. Roll on the new year!

In the meantime, if you want to find out more about Opti 2020, click here to find out more.


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