Who is counting down to 100% Optical 2020? I am!!! I am so excited to be a judge at the first ever edition of the Love Eyewear Awards. It is an honour to be asked and I am looking forward to seeing all the finalists on Saturday morning to do the final judging. Then it is the award ceremony on Saturday night. Who is going and ready to party? hehe.

Apart from the awards, I am also really delighted to hear 100% Optical is trying to help independent opticians by launching something called Love Eyewear Week. Starting from today (21st Jan) until the 26th January.

What is Love Eyewear Week?

What is it all about? The idea behind Love Eyewear Week is to generate public awareness around the hottest eyewear trends and designs. Along with capturing the imagination of the public through engaging content, highlighting everything from unique materials used to the back stories behind brands. Seeking out and buying new eyewear has never been so exciting!

How do you get involved?

Throughout the week, optical practices are encouraged to run offers and promotions on the eyewear brands they stock. The idea is similar to the successful ‘Black Friday’ campaign that runs annually across the retail sector. So, if you are a practice owner and you want to get involved, it is really easy. Here are some ideas for you..

  1. Offer discounts on selected ranges
  2. Offer complimentary eye examinations
  3. Refer a friend to the store and get a discount on future purchases
  4. During the week you can run offers such as “Blue Monday” all blue fames in store are 10% off. Sunglasses Tuesday and get 10% off on all sunglasses on Tuesday so on and so forth
  5. Free optical accessories when you purchase a frame

These are just some ideas I can think of to join in Love Eyewear week. We want to encourage as many practices as possible to join in so from here on, we can make it an annual thing to help independent opticians to encourage the public to buy local instead of going to chains.

To help promote awareness of your business, please share photos of your practice on social media so either myself (@MyGlassesAndMe) or 100% Optical (@100Optical) can share your images too.

What we want to see is either:

  1.  A photo of your shop window displays
  2. A photo of the #LoveEyewearWeek sticker in your store and share any information on offers you are running during the week.

Finally please remember to tag myself @MyGlassesAndMe and @100Optical with the hashtag #LoveEyewearWeek in you post please! Don’t forget to do that, very important otherwise we won’t know!  We’ll be looking out for posts and sharing them!

To read about Love eyewear Week and to download all the stickers and banners for your practice, please follow the link here!

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