Opti 2020 is all over and what a show it was. So, what do I think? I am a massive fan of this show for various reasons. It is well organised, a very modern show, great vibes, clear layout, easy to navigate and it is a good size. Not so large that it feels intimidating, but not so small to make you think there is nothing to see. The balance is just right. There is also a good balance between frame exhibitors, lens exhibitors and machine exhibitors with all the things you need in between.

The Bloggers Spectacle 2020

This year will be my fourth year taking part in the Blogger Spectacle Award tour. For those who are not sure what it is, here is a quick summary. The organisers invite various bloggers from all over the world to attend the show on the Saturday. They take us to an area called the Opti Boxes, which are all new start-up brands. Within the Opti Boxes, the 14 selected start-ups will give us bloggers a quick 120 second presentation about their brands. The idea is a bit like speed dating. Us bloggers listen and decide whether we like them or not. Ha!

Opti 2020

Opti 2020 Blogger Spectacle

After all the presentations are over, us bloggers have the tough job of voting for our favourite. Each blogger is only allowed to pick one brand so whichever brand gets the most votes, wins the Blogger Spectacle Award. Simple.

As I was saying, this is my fourth year taking part, and I love it. It is a great way to see new brands, and I have to say this year, there were some really strong new brands within Opti Boxes. When I was chatting with the other bloggers, we all agreed this year was the toughest year.
All the brands had great stories behind them. The products were fantastic, and the innovations behind each of the frame designs were also great. I had my top three, but it took me a while to pick just one as the overall winner for me.

The Opti Blogger Spectacle 2020 Winner is…

A British brand Covrt Project. They bring the street style vibe to eyewear; they are a worthy winner. The designs were super cool, use excellent materials and even the glasses case and packaging materials were well thought out. I did a quick Instagram video on the designer Marcello Martino talking us through the case and packing design. You can watch it here.

Opti 2020 Blogger Spectacle

Opti 2020 Blogger Spectacle with the winner Covrt Project

Opti Blogger Spectacle 2020

Wearing Blogger Spectacle Winner Covrt Project

The Opti 24

In the afternoon, I had appointments with brands that were part of the Opti 24. It was a busy afternoon meeting various brands and I learned a lot about them. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to see them all, but I did get to see Prego Eyewear, Lunor, EOE Eyewear, Julbo, Active Sol, Flair and Bode Design. I will write in more detail about EOE Eyewear. I feel it is a brand that is covering a very relevant topic at the moment, eco-friendly eyewear.

Opti 2020 Wearing EOE Eyewear

Opti 2020 Wearing EOE Eyewear

I really enjoyed seeing all the other brands. There was a real mix of brands. They ranged from Julbo active eyewear, with their latest smart sports sunglasses, to something that is for everyday wear with the classic elegant shapes from Lunor. I do also want to give a quick shout out to Flair. I have never been a huge fan of rimless, but I think they have converted me. They have a lovely range of colours, subtle design details and fashion-forward shapes to drool over.

Opti 2021

I want to take this opportunity to thank the organisers for inviting me back to be a part of The Blogger Spectacle once again. It has been an absolute pleasure. It is such a great show to kick start the optical calendar and I hope I will have the same opportunity again next year.

Did you know, next year for Opti 2021, the show will be in Stuttgart from 8th – 10th January 2021? Read about it here. Hopefully, I will see you there!


“Please note, this blog post is classed as a sponsored post. Part of a paid partnership deal with Opti 2020”