2020 marks a new decade, and for Ronit Furst, they are bringing out something a bit different to their usual colourful frames, because why not? Is a new decade after all.

However, please do not fret, colour is still an essential part of this collection, but they are bringing in a touch of the monochrome vibe, which may be a surprise to some die-hard fans.

The founder of Ronit Furst, Ronit, explained the idea behind this black and white collection.

“In the past year I have drawn toward simple monochrome sketches and doodling in my artwork – at first I surprised myself as I am all about colour and breaking the standard patterns of matching colour, but quickly I saw myself and my inner language in these monochrome drawings. Naturally, I developed a new “crush” in my own work – I then interpret this to my eyewear, and the result is our 4 new sub-collections, all created during my “black & white” period”.

What can fans and eyewear lovers expect to see from these four new collections?

Each collection has a theme. They are Graffiti, 3D Checkers, Contour and Multi Blacks.


Graffiti is the master collection, and by that I mean they are the “show” pieces. Expect to see bold designs, featuring some of Ronit’s sketches and illustrations tattooed on top of the frames. I am excited to see this range in person, and I think I may be able to during 100% Optical 2020, which takes place on 25th – 27th January.

Graffiti is an exclusive range, so only limited quantities have been produced with selected retailers being able to have them in-store. Of course, you will be able to get them at the Ronit Furst TLV studio which is basically their HQ.

Ronit Furst 2020 Collection

Ronit Furst 2020 Collection

3D Checkers

3D Checkers is focused on a single colour front, but of course, you will have a rainbow of colours to choose from. What is unique about this range is for the very first time Ronit Furst have applied a hand-painted pattern on the profile of the frame to create an illusion of rich depth.


Contour is another single colour front collection, but it is a range of crystal clear colours. The exciting thing is, all the lines on the frame have been highlighted with black. They look cool and quirky, and as Ronit says, it is done to give them the “sketched” vibe.

Ronit Furst 2020 Collection

Ronit Furst 2020 Collection

Multi Black

Finally, we have multi black. This collection stems from some of the Ronit Furst classic multicolour frames. Colour 16, 11 and 18. The idea is quite simple, adding black and white patterns to the classic multicolour designs. It has refreshed the classics, and it also echoes Ronit’s current mood of black and white.

I hope I get to see the entire range during 100% Optical because I think they all sound so exciting! I am intrigued to see the contour range first hand because in the image above, they look amazing! I do love a crystal frame and it seems like they have given them a 2020 revive. For all my trade readers, the collection is now ready to view so please get in touch with your local distributor or get in touch directly with Ronit Furst HQ.

For all my consumer readers out there, if you like the sound of them, I’m afraid there is a little bit of a wait because they will not be available until February 2020.

If you are off to 100% Optical this weekend (25th – 27th Jan 2020), I will probably see you by the Ronit Furst stand. ha! It is still not too late to register and you can do so right here.