Eco-conscious, eco-friendly or whatever you want to call it, is probably one of the hottest topics right now! Our planet is in danger and if we don’t act now, who knows what will happen in the not so distant future. I am not preaching about how we all should suddenly change everything we do, or drop everything and go and save the planet, but I feel that I’d like to try and do my bit within the sector I know.

I can, for one, put my hands up and say, yes! I am guilty of having too many clothes and too many pairs of glasses. However, now my attitude towards buying clothes changed drastically. I rarely buy clothes now, and if I do, I stay away from fast fashion and always ask myself these questions… Do I have something similar already? Do I need it? If I do need it, why do I need it? With glasses, I am thinking more and more about the materials used to make them.

Eco Conscious eyewear Range by EyeSpace

Eco Conscious eyewear Range by EyeSpace

Eco Conscious Glasses

I bet you all want to know what makes these new EyeSpace glasses Eco Conscious? Well, most people are aware acetate is cotton-based BUT they do need to add chemicals to make them suitable for frame making. Let’s put it this way, acetate frames don’t feel like cotton fabric, do they? So this Eco Conscious range makes sure there are no nasty chemicals in the mix and all the materials used are bio-based. I particularly like that the dummy lenses that come with the frame are ALL bio-degradable (which happens within five years).

Why Dummy Lenses Matter

You may be thinking, why do the dummy lenses matter? Most consumers may not be aware of this or may not have even thought about it, but when you purchase a pair of optical glasses, they usually come with plastic dummy lenses, what happens to them? The lens technician removes these plastic dummy lenses so they can put in your prescription lenses. They are essentially no more than single-use plastic; they get thrown away. It is sooooo wasteful, and they ultimately end up in the landfill. I welcome these fully biodegradable dummy lenses. Not only that but their packaging is very minimal, made out of card so again, the brand uses more planet-friendly materials.

Eco Conscious eyewear Range by EyeSpace

Eco Conscious eyewear Range by EyeSpace

I know the root of the problem is we need to stop sending tons and tons of rubbish to landfill. This certainly has to be reduced, but in the meantime, until we can keep it under control, I think it is a good idea that we are all mindful of what we buy and try to purchase products that are kinder to our planet.

When and where to buy?

The Eco Conscious range is now available to pre-order for opticians. This range will be available to buy in your local opticians soon, and you know what the best bit is? The retail price is estimated to be around £120. It is a price well worth paying since on top of the green credentials the quality is excellent too.  You can take a look at the full range here.

I was shocked to hear how reasonable the price was. Great job EyeSpace! I’d also like to comment the product director for being able to answer all my questions about this eco range. Thank you! All too often brands will tell me they have an eco-friendly or biodegradable product but cannot back it up with any data. When I dig deeper, they cannot answer my questions. I am pleased to say that this was certainly not the case with EyeSpace! A lot of research has clearly gone into the products, and I look forward to seeing them on the shelves in my local opticians soon.