As I am writing this, it may already be old news to some people because back at around 6pm (GMT). An official statement was released by Mido that the show will be postponed until May-June due to the Coronavirus. I put this news on my social media channels straight away and I am doing this blog post now because well, my little ones are in bed and I can finally have two minutes spare. ha!

If you have been following the Coronavirus news then you may be aware that today in Milan two people have died from the virus and there is an outbreak with numerous places around Milan in quarantine. Therefore, Mido’s board held an emergency meeting today and decided it is best to postpone the show to ensure everyone’s safety and that they are not at risk. Personally, I think this is a good move from Mido and a tough decision to make too because it will affect so many people’s plans, but safety first! Health is more important than anything.

Once I have more news on the rescheduled dates, I will let you know. At the moment Mido are saying around the end of May/mid June. Stay tuned!

If you want to read the official statement from Mido. Here is the link to their Facebook page