Last week I spoke about wearing glasses during the Coronavirus COVID-19 Crisis and this week, I am going to talk about wearing contact lenses during this pandemic.

Time and time again we are being told to be extra vigilant with our hand hygiene and not to touch our face especially the eyes, nose and mouth areas. Last week I spoke about how I keep touching my face and more importantly, keep touching my glasses and in doing that, I accidentally touch my face.

Contact lenses and Coronavirus COVID-19

So, this week, my question is. Is wearing contact lenses better during the pandemic. I mean contact lenses, you pop it in first thing in the morning and that is it for the day. I think on paper that is the better option to eliminate the opportunity for us to touch our glasses and therefore we won’t accidentally touch our face in the process. Do we need to take extra precautions when putting our lenses in? I have asked contact lens expert CooperVision to explain some of the concerns that many contact lenses wearers may have during this time.

“CooperVision has been carefully monitoring the outbreak of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The safety of our employees, customers (both contact lens wearers and eye care professionals), partners and communities is our top priority.

There is currently no evidence to suggest that there is any increased risk of infection or contracting Coronavirus through contact lens wear. Remember to follow strict hygiene measures, such as thorough hand washing, along with optimal wear and care procedures. These include replacing your lenses as prescribed, case hygiene for reusable lenses and avoiding lens wear if you are unwell (in particular with any cold or flu-like symptoms). Avoid touching your eyes, especially in high-risk environments, and remember to ask yourself these three questions each time you wear your lenses:

  1. Do my eyes feel good with my lenses? There should be no discomfort.
  2. Do my eyes look good? There should be no redness.
  3. Do I see well? There should be no unusual blurring with either eye. If you have any concerns, remove your contact lenses and consult your eye care professional.

Read more about lens wear and care here.”


I think the bottom line is, whether you choose to wear glasses or contact lenses during this time, the most important thing is hygiene. If you have always practiced that then there is no real need to treat this pandemic period differently. I also think in wearing your contact lenses, does it really mean you are touching your face less? It is a hard habit to kick I must say.

So, what am I wearing during this lockdown period? I have to say I am lazy so I have just stuck to glasses. I have not even bothered to put on any make up on since my daughter finished school last week. For me, it really is down to laziness for not wearing my contact lenses because I get up and I pop on my glasses on and I can see. I am a mum of two so time is everything especially now we are on lockdown.

On that note, stay safe and healthy everyone, we can do this!