This COVID_19 coronavirus is a big topic right now. I mean there isn’t a day go by where you don’t hear about it? This has now become more than a health crisis. It is having such a catastrophic impact on the economy, and I don’t think some people release it and are still just busy buying up all the loo rolls.

The issue

Anyway, I am not here to talk about loo rolls, but I am here to talk about wearing glasses. Have you ever thought about how often you touch your glasses throughout the day? I am asking because one key piece of advice from the governments of the world is, to have good hand hygiene and stop touching our face so much. You know what, that is actually quite challenging. It turns out; I love touching my face and glasses. Ha!

My experience

Over the weekend, I made a conscious effort not to touch my face then I released I have another problem, I touch my glasses A LOT! Some of the time, it is to adjust them throughout the day as they tend to slide off my very oily nose. I’ve lost count how many times I touch them, and sometimes I touch them for no apparent reason, it is just a habit.

I also noticed that when I adjust them, I do accidentally touch my face with the tips of my fingers. Now, I have learned not to touch my face when adjusting my glasses, so my question is, have you ever thought about how often you adjust your glasses?

The solution

In this sort of situation, is it best we switch to contact lens to avoid the extra chances of us touching our face? On the other hand, with contact lenses, we will be directly putting something into our eyes, so is that worse? I will be exploring this topic in another blog post.

My conclusion to this glasses situation is, do make sure your hands are as clean as possible. When we do adjust our glasses, be mindful of how we touch them and avoid touching our skin, this is hard to achieve, but you need to teach yourself.  Also, don’t forget to clean your glasses regularly. Bacteria can stay on the surface of your glasses too. I’ve also found Nerdwax reduces the amount of time I need to move my glasses back up my nose and therefore reduces the need to touch my glasses.

I do sell Nerdwax via the blog because I love this product so much and I have been selling them since 2014 when my husband found them on kick starter. It just so happens, this stuff now also solves another problem for us glasses wearer, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic. Head over to the MGAM shop to get yours now.

On that note, stay safe and healthy everyone! This will get better and remember to look out for each other.