When I saw this press release, I thought hum… interesting topic because as a glasses and contact lens wearer myself I can understand the potential struggle of wearing glasses underneath protective gear (PPE). At the moment, I don’t think I need to explain but we are in the worst pandemic of our lifetime and many medical professionals are working around the clock to combat COVID19.

Before I go on about this “free contact lenses for key workers” from Vision Direct I just wanted to clarify something. I have asked Vision Direct if the key workers have never worn contacts before, should they take up this offer just for the ease of wearing them underneath their protective clothing? They have said that they should only take up this offer if they already wear contact lenses. In the UK, if you wish to purchase contact lenses online, you really should go and speak to your optician first to make sure your eyes are suitable for contact lenses. Not everyone’s eyes will be suitable. Vision Direct does not recommend wearing contacts without a prescription from an eye care professional.

Now we’ve got the important stuff sorted. I can tell you what I think. Personally, I really can understand how annoying it must be wearing your glasses underneath protective clothing. Even wearing a simple thing like a mask with glasses can cause a lot of drama, Do you know your breath can escape out of the mask and fog up your lenses? This is speaking from personal experience when I was doing some home renovation work, I wore a mask to stop myself from breathing dust but my glasses steamed up on a regular basis. Highly annoying and the struggle was real.

Lucas Fernández, a senior nurse at University College Hospital, explains the struggle to us:

“Wearing glasses underneath a visor makes things a lot more complicated for those of us on the frontline needing vision correction. “Protective equipment is not made with breathable materials, making glasses fog up and slide down the nose – and the process of wiping them down or pushing them up at various points of the day is long and complex.

We have to disinfect our hands, the mask and our glasses every single time we touch them, even if it’s with gloves. But with contacts, you can safely insert/remove them at home and not have to worry about them during the day.”

When I read that, I really can 100% sympathise. I wear both glasses and contacts so I truly get it. If I was a key worker in this situation, I would also pick wearing contacts over glasses. Even though your eyes may feel dry from constant wear but I think it is better than the struggle of disinfecting your hands before touching your glasses, and how can you have steamed up glasses when you are trying to help so many patients?

This offer is not just for NHS staff. If you are in the police force, fire service, social care staff and teachers, you can all take advantage of this too, but please remember you must be a contact lens wearer already. It is absolutely vital to know that your eyes are suitable for contact lenses before wearing them.

To participate in the free lenses scheme from Vision Direct, all applicants need to do is email a photo of themselves with their work ID to receive a unique code for a free month’s supply of Everclear ADM. More information about the exclusive offer can be found on their website. Vision Direct will be giving away 4,000 pairs so hurry before they run out.