In the UK we have had 10 weeks of lockdown and in other parts of the world, some countries may be in the same position or further along the line but either way, I think we can all agree the impact is huge. Last week, Opti (A German optical trade show for my consumer readers) did a live stream press conference, I was quite excited to tune in. Since the pandemic hit Europe it feels like the optical industry has gone so quiet that I am thinking “helloooo anyone out there!”. It was also nice to just listen to what Opti has got planned for 2021, it is something to look forward to.

Right now, the next big trade show in the European optical calendar is Silmo Paris in October and what are my thoughts on that? I am not going to lie and be very honest with my opinion here. Will the show actually happen? I am not so sure because so many countries have banned large gatherings until possibly the end of 2020, not forgetting all the travel restrictions and quarantine periods for the different countries. So, for me, I have a feeling, the first trade show I will go to is probably Opti 2021.

Opti 2021 Press Conference

Opti 2021 Press Conference

Opti has always been in Munich, so why move to Stuttgart for 2021? The location of the trade show in Stuttgart it nearer to the federal states of Baden-Wuerttemberg surrounded by many optical companies and closer to the important markets in the Benelux countries and the Alsace region in France. Other service providers are also near in neighbouring countries.

Whether you like the move or not, my take on it is at least it is something for everyone to look forward to in 2021 because we need it. Currently, with this pandemic, we all need something to kick start the new year. I have a feeling everyone is probably writing 2020 off as a “not so great year” for business and lets plan for 2021. Opti is the first show in the year anyway but it is such a well-organised show (one of my favourites), moving to a new location could be a great thing, a fresh start.  After this 2020 pandemic, I think we all need a fresh start. I cannot wait to go to a show again and look at all the new glasses that are out there. I REALLY miss going to shows and looking at glasses. Basically, I really miss work.

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