I don’t think H&M need much introduction. Yes, it is that huge Swedish fashion retailer. Why am I telling you about a fashion retailer I hear you ask? Well, if you are not aware they have just launched a collaboration with Chimi. What or who is Chimi? Here is the interesting thing. They are an eyewear brand! 

First of all, I can put my hands up and say I had no idea who Chimi was until I Googled them. It turns out, they are a rather successful eyewear brand based in Stockholm so yes, also a Swedish brand. The brand was founded by two childhood friends and it was launched back in 2016. They are still a rather young brand but by the sound of it, they have been well received because they won Best Eyewear Brand in Sweden 2018. 

I bet you are all thinking how on earth did such a young brand manage a collaboration deal with one of the biggest fashion company in the world? The answer is I don’t know. Ha! However, it may be to do with the fact that one of the founders Charlie Lindstrom used to be a fashion stylist so there may be some sort of connection there. Then the fact they are a Swedish brand may well be a factor too. Who knows, I am just guessing. Either way, I feel it is exciting for an eyewear brand to collaborate with a fashion retailer on that scale. This could open doors and opportunities to other eyewear brands in the future. 

Looking at Chimi as a brand, their collection is focused on a handful of colour-ways with soft pastel tones mixed with crystal clear acetate, it has a very clean cut modern vibe. Those elements seem to play a key part to the brand’s DNA. The normal Chimi collection price starts from £89.99 but the H&M collaboration, it is at a much affordable price tag at £34.99. This collaboration also sees the brand bringing out a range of summer accessories such as hats, bags and sliders. I am interested to see how well this collaboration will do for Chimi as a brand because I am sure this has massively raised their profile as a business. They may well branch out to other things in the future. 

Normally, I would pop down to a H&M to check them out myself and have a play around with them but due to COVID19, I don’t think that will be possible but if you have purchased a pair online or if you will be going shopping soon and see them, let me know what you think of them in the comments or via my social media @myglassesandme.  Thanks!