In the UK, we are now going towards week 13 of this lockdown. I say lockdown but things are being eased, non-essential shops can now open and towns around the UK are feeling more lively again which is nice to see. Throwback to mid-March, do you remember the scenes from supermarkets, people panic buying? I for one was not guilty of this, I don’t agree with it. Amongst the panic buying, do you also remember right at the beginning people were stocking up on… loo rolls? Then as the pandemic slowly unfolded, pasta then basically all food items were sold out. Supermarket shelves never looked so empty. It was utter madness.

Here we are, three months later. I wonder if those people who were panic buying loo rolls have gone through them all yet? ha! Back in late March Laibach & York created some limited edition glasses styles to remind us of that strange period where people were panic buying loo rolls.

Laibach And York

Laibach And York

Why am I covering this story so late? Well, Laibach & York wanted to auction the limited styles to raise money for a worthwhile cause that may have suffered badly because of the pandemic. In the beginning, they were not sure who to support but now they do. Some styles were quickly sold out but there are still some left.

What is so special about these glasses? They are triple laminated crystal frames featuring real toilet paper that has been hand-laminated directly into the frame. All of the frames are handmade in Slovenia by artisans so these frames are super exclusive and technically, you will be wearing a part of history to remind you of this pandemic. It will also remind you of the loo roll crisis everyone suffered due to panic buyers!

There are still styles Paris an Amsterdam left ready to be auctioned off, unfortunately, Washington is already sold out.

Laibach & York have decided to donate the money from the auction to a group on Facebook called Opticians On Facebook to help the independent optical sector at this very testing time. Check out Laibach & York Facebook or Instagram page for more info.