The Great British Bake Off 2020 has commenced. I cannot believe it was filmed in Down Hall! That place is only a 25minute drive from my house, I should have drove down and had a nose. Ha!

As per usual, I have been obsessing over Prue’s glasses and can I just say, I am highly unimpressed with her choice in week 1, they are the blue Ray-Ban pair she wore in the last series. I know all my consumer readers out there may not understand why I have a dislike towards Ray-Ban. I just think it is too commercialised now, there are so many cool independents brands out there, why wear a brand that everyone, and I mean literally EVERYONE is wearing? Yawn, boring!

In this series of The Great British Bake Off, I do want to have a little rant because I am getting rather suspicious of the way Channel 4 is editing this. What I mean is ever since Prue joined The Bake Off family, I think the nation got a bit obsessed with her glasses (like myself). So much so that I have noticed two things:

  1. She no longer wears Ronit Furst. Here is my theory. Channel 4 gets a lot of advertisers and sponsors for the show which equals… MONEY! In her wearing her own collection by Ronit Furst, this may be seen as promoting her own collection and therefore upsetting many advertisers and sponsors. This is just based on my knowledge of advertising from fashion PR/ Marketing days. If you look at Prue’s Intagram page or any other TV appearances, she is ALWAYS in Ronit Furst glasses.
  2. In the past couple of series, I have noticed channel 4 tried REALLY hard to blur out all the logos of the glasses she wears. However, in the brand new 2020 series, so far in week 1, they haven’t really bothered. It raises a LOT of alarm bells to me and I am very suspicious. Is Ray-Ban or the people that owns the brand, Luxottica, sponsoring them on the quiet?

I will actually be a bit annoyed if Luxottica is sponsoring the show on the quiet because there are strict rules and marketing laws for us influencers to follow where we have to be transparent on what we get paid to do or what is sponsored etc. I am fine with that and I have always been transparent. However, if that is one rule for us bloggers and another for such a big companies like Luxottica and Channel 4 then I am just a little bit annoyed. Anyway, breathe, rant over!

Enjoy watching the rest of the Bake Off and I will be obsessing over Prue’s glasses over the course of the show.  Stay tuned for more “The Great British Bake Off glasses watch”!