Do you know how the human eye works? For me I know the very basics of it. I certainly remember learning about it in my science lessons in school which feels like a lifetime ago now. So, yeah basically, I don’t remember much is what I am trying to say. Ha! If your vision is not 20/20 like me then I always find it fascinating to understand how our eyes work and how things such as contact lenses and glasses corrects our vision.

Vision Direct is Europe’s largest online contact lenses supplier, and they have just launched something called Human Eyes, an interactive eyeball. Hover over the icons and it tells you what that part of the eye is called, when you click on them, a box on the bottom left will explain what that part of the eye does.

The Human Eye

The Human Eye

Almost like a mini interactive science lesson. It is a very good tool if you want to understand the human eye more and definitely a good tool to teach your children about the human eye. It is something fun and educational for people with or without perfect vision.

Check it out yourself by following this link to the human eye, I definitely recommend it if you are trying to teach your children about the human eye, or they are bombarding you with questions about the human eye. Ha! If you are a parent, you will know what I mean.

Disclaimer: sponsored content, words by MGAM