Delighting customers by understanding and delivering eyewear to fit their new needs and wants, as their sensibilities may have shifted during the pandemic, can only be a winning formula. Believing this, STEPPER have been putting a great deal of thought and effort into how they can best help opticians excel so they can shine in their customers’ eyes.

One area they have identified is rimless. “Having a good rimless offering allows those who allow the time and have the skills and confidence to demonstrate their professionalism and deliver outstanding eyewear,“ comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director, STEPPER (UK) Limited. “Putting your best foot forward is a great way to win and keep customers and STEPPER is keen to help. Rimless is just one way an optician can differentiate and build a reputation for excellence whilst demonstrating professional skills.”

STEPPER UK offers over 50 rimless models, each with colour variants. One best-selling example is the SI-96919. This Titanium, women’s style is available in four combination colours (gold, silver, blue and bronze), extending its suitability to a variety of skin tones and personal style.

As you move to view the sides (from the classic, minimalist front); oval, linked rings, elegantly shaped in Titanium, add visual interest whilst keeping the mount weight to less than 6g.

For those wanting a style that offers the peripheral visibility benefits of rimless and still allow them to make a design statement the SI-96919 is a great choice.

With so many rimless variants to choose from and to help opticians make informed decisions, STEPPER has put together their most popular rimless models (including the SI-96919) within a concise digital brochure. (This brochure can be made available by contacting STEPPER UK directly.)

“STEPPER rimless models all come with ‘Love VALUE’ qualities to ensure the wearer the highest levels of satisfaction at a comfortable price as well as delivering return purchase loyalty and good sell-through for the business,” concludes Peter.

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