Some of you may or may not have heard of AM Eyewear. They are an Australian brand and I would say they are not as well known in Europe compared to other parts of the world. I initially come across them when I first started blogging 9 years ago because I happened to know the sales agent for AM Eyewear. I also got a pair of AM gifted to me back then which I still have and love very much. Every summer, they still get an outing at least once or twice.

At the moment I think we can all agree the world is in a very uncertain place and everyone is probably feeling a bit like they are treading on eggshells. Covid is still pretty much a part of our everyday life and it will be for the foreseeable future. I think we can all agree many industries are massively impacted, aviation, hospitality, events and not to mention the creative industry such as gigs and many other performing arts such as theatre.

AM Eyewear Support Act Sunglasses

AM Eyewear Support Act Sunglasses

In a time like this, everyone is definitely feeling the financial strain but what can we do to help each other to pull through this together? I think we can spend smarter.

This is what I mean. If you need something new, see what extra the company is doing. If you purchase a new bag, will they donate some of the sale to a food bank as an example. If you need a new pair of sunglasses ready for some winter sun (or summer sun if you are down under) then can I just let you know that AM have developed a new sunglasses offering. For every pair of the Support Act sunglasses sold, all the profits will be donated to the Australian music industry.

I know they are only offering this to the Oz music industry at the moment but one territory at a time hey! From day one when AM launched back in 2003, the Oz music industry have been very supportive of them as a brand, so it now time to return the favour. If you are after some new sunnies and want to do something good at the same time then use this link and purchase your very own support act sunglasses by AM Eyewear.