We are now approaching the end of 2020 and wow, what a year it has been so far with the pandemic sweeping across the globe. In Europe, back in summer time, things were a bit calmer but now we are heading into a cold winter, the virus is of course coming back thick and fast.

Due to this factor, two big optical shows in Europe have announced some news about their 2021 shows.

Mido News

First up, we have Mido in Milan which is the biggest show in the industry. It normally takes place at the end of February. 2020 was supposed to be their big 50th anniversary show but it got moved to July 2020 and then moved again to early February 2021. Yesterday (12th October 2020) they have announced it will be moved again to June 2021. I have everything crossed this will take place as planned for June 2021 because it will just be nice to see a show happening and get the industry together again.

Opti News

Opti Munich 2020 did happen back in January.  I was really hoping Opti 2021 will be the first show I can to go to because by January 2021, it will be a year since the Pandemic started. I was hoping for some calm and normality with my work but, nope. Yesterday Opti also ””announced they there will be no show until January 2022 due to the current circumstances.

Opti 2022

Opti 2022

100% Optical News

Then not forgetting back in September (last month) 100% Optical, a London based show, announced they will be moving their show from January 2021 to May 2021 and again this is due to the current circumstances we are facing in the UK. I have everything crossed this will happen but we are currently living in very uncertain times and anything can change in a matter of days.

All the shows I mentioned above are the bigger scale shows. I am looking forward to hearing and seeing if there are any smaller, independent shows coming through due to the pandemic that support smaller independent brands. This could change the way consumers buy glasses and what can be offered to consumers. I mean, to put it bluntly, how many people on this planet have already got a pair of Ray-bans? The answer is too many, so it will be nice to see independents brand shining through after this pandemic.