MGAM recommends

After a much more relaxed summer with the pandemic in the UK and now we are heading into winter, it is very real that Covid- 19 is going nowhere. We should always be on guard. Not that you can actually see it and be able to watch out for it as such but what I mean is just look after yourself and each other by keeping your distance and wear a face covering.

The UK is now in our second lockdown which will once again impact each and everyone of us differently and I am glad to hear this time round opticians can stay open. A simple eye test can detect many health issues and now a new study has come out which suggests there is a direct link between the retinal veins diameter and the severity of Covid-19.

You can read the full article by following this link to NZOptics. It was an interesting read and I think now the pandemic has pretty much been around for a year. More and more studies are being done to try and solve this health crisis. From an optical point fo view, it is good to see once again that eye health can tell a lot about your general health and it is a reminder that we should visit our opticians. They can do more than just tell us whether we need glasses or not.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy and stay positive everyone.