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Augmented reality (AR) seemed so far fetched 10 years ago but now with the way technology is moving forward, it is moving closer and closer in becoming our future. With the pandemic happening right now, some companies have already started to explore different ways to use AR and incorporate it into their businesses. It may still feel like early days but soon, this technology will be feeding through to different industries across the globe.

It has already fed through to the optical industry as invisible computing pioneer, Mojo Vision, developer of the world’s first augmented reality (AR) contact lenses has partnered with contact lens manufacturer Menicon.  This is quite an exciting step for both companies to take. By using the expertise they have in their fields they’ll hopefully create something that will be ground breaking for the industry and for the end users.

This is what we know so far. The Mojo Lens is a breakthrough smart lens, which can overlay images, symbols and text on the wearer’s natural field of vision without obstructing the view, restricting mobility or hindering social interactions, said Mojo Vision. If you want to find out more then read the original article from NZOptics.