Those who know their own style enjoy a freedom of expression that is not dictated by a label. These lucky individuals recognise their personal aesthetic and instinctively know how they can select and combine their wardrobe to create great looks.  They have a confidence in If you want eyewear that does not define you

Some reserve their judgement on a frame until they see the logo on the temple. Others decide what they like

‘I want you to be able to rethink your approach to eyewear, to have more of what you want and really love it,’ challenges Saskia Stepper, the creative force behind STEPPERS Eyewear, ‘Part of the brief for every STEPPERS model is for us to deliver more.’

‘Yes, you can have style, fun and personality-filled eyewear. The surprise comes when you get all this, and you get the characteristic comfort and fit STEPPER Eyewear is famed for.

Take the STS 30032 as an example; it is bursting with character. The TX5 front is contemporary and modern yet will suit most face shapes. The simplicity of the front design is embellished only by the colour variations in a host of delicious translucent shades which allow the wearer to find a colour that best fits their own style (as well as their bridge).

The Stainless-Steel sides carry the distinctive ‘barrel’ design as seen on so many of the brand’s pieces. Side colours complement the front and the combination of material and good design allow for any fitting adjustment to be simple. Materials also contribute for the nose-friendly 7.5g weight.

‘You can have your cake and wear it! STEPPERS is committed to creating fashionable, fun eyewear that fits the face and the personality of its wearer,’ concludes Saskia.

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