Wow! So, we made it through 2020 and I hope all my readers made it with good health. 2020 has probably been the most challenging year for everyone, for very different reasons. Whether is personal well-being, financial difficulties or bad health. However, if you are still able to read this now, it must mean you are still alive. As long as you are alive, got good health or at least on the road to recovery then that is the important thing. The start of 2021 in the UK may feel like a long difficult road ahead due to the third national lockdown that has been imposed but we will all get there eventually. We just need a lot of patience.

In terms of the optical industry, things have certainly been quiet. Not many shows have managed to take place before the pandemic swept across the globe. Many shows has been pushed back to 2021 and I sincerely hope all those shows can, and will happen. It is exactly what the industry needs, to be able to meet and do business again.

Even in the world of fashion, so many fashion shows did not take place and even with online shows, it just isn’t quite the same. For me, going to an optical show is important because it is the opportunity to see everything first hand, touch them, try them on etc. However, I do wonder post- pandemic if those things will be allowed due to hygiene reasons.

For 2021, there are a few things in the pipeline for MGAM. I will have to keep it hush hush for now until the time is right. I really hope I get to visit some shows this year, big or small. It will just be nice to see people again and to feel a bit more normal and to live the life I am used to pre-pandemic.

It really has been a strange year 2020, it felt slow but at the same time, it has gone really quickly and it really has been a bit of a blur. I think 2020 has been about the small wins in life. Such as, you finally manage to put that shelf up, tidy that wardrobe up or manage to keep your garden neat and tidy. My wins in 2020 were spending more time with my daughters even though there has been challenging times (such as homeschooling- WTF!), clean the loft, clean the garage out and re-do the front garden. Then my big win of 2020 was starting my parenthood podcast called Absolute Parenting- The sh!t no-one tells you. It is something I have always wanted to do since stepping into parenthood but I never had enough time. With the pandemic, I was forced to slowed right down with work since the optical industry went so quiet and so I shifted my focus on starting the podcast. Plus, I am not very good with staying still.  If you want to have a listen, it is available all on platforms from apple play to sportify. It is a very honest and frank chat about parenthood and my experiences.

Happy New Year everyone, have a healthy and a happy 2021!