In terms of the main trends for 2021, it is fair to say the pandemic has completely shifted everything and lots of side trends are moving in and replacing the main trends. This isn’t just happening within the fashion industry but every industry. I am interested to see what will fashion week bring in terms of trends. London Fashion week will be kicking off soon (virtually) from 19- 23rd February.

Obviously, within the optical industry it has been tough where hardly any shows have been allowed to take place. Normally, right now, it is the prime time for me to be visiting shows all over Europe and sussing out the latest trends, seeing what is coming in, what is hot and what is not. Due to the on-going pandemic, I am staying put.

Viu Eyewear - Images via The Goods Agency

Viu Eyewear – Images via The Goods Agency

However, this doesn’t mean nothing is happening within the industry. Things are happening but just slower, depending on what part of the world you are in. I am sure some parts of the world may be busier than others. This also means new collections are coming out too. I am still getting press releases of new styles sent to me on a fairly regular basis. However, I think collection sizes have been reduced. So, say a brand normally launches 12 new styles each year. for 2021, they have reduced it to maybe 9 or even 6 new styles. Is that a bad thing? Yes and no.

Yes because consumers will end up with less to choose from. However, the pandemic has also massively changed the way consumers shop. Now, it isn’t uncommon for consumers to want to purchase a quality product and move away from consumerism.

Just by looking at the press releases I can see a sub trend emerging. Simplicity has been a trend for at least two seasons but the focus has always been metal frames. Now I feel there is a new simplicity trend emerging and that is clean cut plastic frames. Crystal clear colours or a frosted finishing in a plain colour, thiner plastic frames mixed with classic shapes. Why plastic? Plastic waste is a hug topic right now. More and more companies are trying to explore new ways to reuse plastic or are seeking new methods to ensure the production of plastic is more eco friendly (I covered one particular brand doing just that a year ago. Take a look at the eco conscious range by eyespace.). Watch this space for more companies tapping into this area or at least trying to make some of their frame making process more eco friendly.

Feature image at the top: from Kirk & Kirk new matte ice