Twenty years ago, STEPPER EYEWEAR began combining their ingenious TX5 plastic material with the high-tech metal, Titanium. From the start, this combination was a resounding success with materials ideally suited to eyewear with their complementary characteristics.

‘Both are lightweight and hypoallergenic’ informs Peter Reeve, Managing Director of STEPPER UK Limited. ‘Choosing to use these materials together but in the parts of the frame where they offer most benefit to the wearer elevates eyewear where comfort and fit are taken to the next level.’

‘Continuing this successful combination is our new SI-30157,’ Peter adds. ‘The front is TX5 with Titanium lugs and temples.’

STEPPER Style SI-30157

STEPPER Style SI-30157

Creating the front from TX5 allows for the renowned STEPPER bridge to be constructed to the original German design created by Hans Stepper in 1970. The sculpted, ergonomic bridge sits gently on the wearers nose feeling light and soft; like silk.

TX5 keeps its shape and is unaffected by heat or sweat, but we are more immediately drawn to the aesthetics. Considered as a material with fashion potential, TX5 scores highly with its almost unlimited design and colouring possibilities allowing the designer’s vision to be a reality.

Titanium lugs and temples have inherent properties of rigidity and strength which seem to belie the almost weightless feel. Sophisticated ION plating techniques allow for colouring to work in harmony with the other frame elements.

‘This new addition is a welcome update to the lineage of these ever popular, STEPPER exclusive, women’s combination frames,’ concludes Peter.

The SI-30157 is available in a choice of three colour variations to match most skin tones and weighs just over two teaspoons of sugar (8.4g).

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