First of all, sorry for the radio silent in the blogosphere. Things are a little crazy with the whole home schooling malarky at the moment, in the UK we are currently in our third national lockdown.

So, back to the post. In Europe, we are now nearly one year into the pandemic, it is crazy to think one year has gone by and no-one really knows how exactly this will all end. I think it is safe to say wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently and using hand sanitiser is now the norm, it is part of our everyday life to try and keep the virus at bay.

I came across an article in NZ Optics that states there may be a link between hand sanitisers causing a rise in paediatric eye lesions since there is an increase of the numbers of children needing surgery for this issue. It sounds scary doesn’t it? The pandemic is worrying enough but it seems like there may be many other hidden health impacts that we do not know yet.

Read the full article here if you are interested and want to find out more.

Image from Unsplash by Kelly Sikkema