At first glance the STEPPER SI-30161 is a thing of beauty. A combination of colour, pattern, shape, texture and materials expertly crafted to the highest precision. It looks simply great.

‘The aesthetics of a frame, which for so many is the priority, is the least important factor in creating a STEPPER frame,’ explains Peter Reeve, Managing Director STEPPER (UK) Limited. ‘But our frames still delight with their elegance and sense of fashion.’

Priority ‘one’ is to create eyewear that holds lenses correctly before the eye, delivering this doesn’t depend on the relationship between the frame and the lens. Any frame can hold lenses in place; critical to succeeding is the relationship between the frame and the wearer. This requires the highest levels of fit. It is a good fit that guarantees the lenses are held correctly.

To achieve this the SI-30161 benefits from decades of eyewear experience and the skills of a German Master Optician (Hans Stepper) to understand how a frame works with the contours of the face.

Then the choice of materials that are best suited to purpose must be selected. This is to ensure the lenses are not only held correctly when the wearer leaves their optician , but also months later after extended daily use. STEPPER selects stable materials that resist changing shape over time either naturally or through continued use.

At the same time, these materials must also offer comfort, so choice is filtered down further. For example; lightness, flexibility/rigidity, durability and hypoallergenic benefits are characteristics required by STEPPER. Hence, the choice of (STEPPER developed) TX5 plastic and High-Tec Titanium are used for the SI-30161.

‘Only once STEPPER has these basics right do we consider how the frame looks,’ adds Peter. ‘Fortunately, the design team are particularly good at this too.’

‘Looking good on the display and looking good on the face are two different things. STEPPER’s extensive knowledge of face shapes and colours that work with a variety of skin tones allow us to create designs that look great on’ concludes Peter.

The SI-30161 is available in a choice of three colours (Apricot, Aquamarine and Cerise) and, remarkably, weighs only 5.8g (or less than six jellybeans).

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