As a mum of two girls, it is safe to say I have grown a massive interest in kids eyewear. Before motherhood, I must admit, I never paid that much attention. Now I am all over it and in fact my two daughters have got quite a collection already. One is 6 and the other is 3 and from about the age of 9 months old I have been putting sunglasses on them. During the school runs my two daughters are always in sunglasses and other parents will comment, but I just think when it is sunny it is utterly mad not to protect your child’s eyes.

With the pandemic, we are in general spending way more time outdoors. Most countries in Europe are in lockdown and restrictions are still very real so going outside to do exercise or meeting friends is about the only thing we are allowed to do at the moment. Since spending time outside has become more frequent, I wonder have any other parents out there thought about protecting their children’s eyes? I think it is a topic that needs discussing.

Sons + Daughters Eyewear

Sons + Daughters Eyewear

Sons + Daughters Eyewear

Anyway, aside from my mummy rambling. I am here to tell you about  Sons + Daughters Eyewear. The press release landed in my inbox and I get LOAD of them so I do not have time to go through them all. However, this one, stood out to me. One, I thought the name was interesting and two the images were strong.

Obviously, I have not seen them first hand so I cannot comment too much on how how they feel and how durable they are etc. Looking at the images, they definitely look the part with some really great shapes and colours. The shapes are probably a bit more adventurous than most children’s eyewear I have seen. They certainly tick the fashion, playful and colourful boxes for me.

I think they are 3 key elements to good children’s frames. The durability is the top of my list as a parent. There is no point having great looking frame if every time your child drops them on the playground, you are going to have a heart attack. Like I was saying, I cannot comment on that without playing around with them first hand but looking at the specification about the lenses, what materials they use and the finishing, they are looking like good sunglasses.

I know a lot of parents do not understand, or do not want to pay a lot for their children’s sunglasses and Sons + Daughters Eyewear may seem to be edging towards the more expensive bracket (around £65) but for something decent even in adult sunglasses, we need to pay a higher price so why should we compromise for our children?

The Sons + Daughters Eyewear range is available in selected childrenswear retailers and optical boutique around the globe. If you cannot get to a shop at the moment then head to their website right here.