As we are now over one year into the global pandemic, every single sector in the world has shifted the way they operate and the optical sector is no different. On Wednesday 19th May, Mido held an online press conference to discuss what the industry can expect to see from the Mido 2021 Digital edition. For my readers who are working in the optical sector, of course you are aware of what Mido is but for everyone else, it is one of the biggest optical trade shows in the world. Personally, I love going to this trade show but due to the ongoing pandemic, holding such a large scale event is still not possible.

Therefore Mido 2021 is going digital. Even though they are going digital, there is still a lot going on behind the scenes and the team is already busy working towards the much anticipated face-to-face 2022 edition. However, let’s focus on the Digital edition first, what can we expect? From the press conference, I can see they have used a well thought out platform. I have not experienced an optical trade show virtually but through my husband’s work, I have seen how virtual events have been conducted as he has attended a few virtual events in the past 12 months. Some are awful, some are bad, some are ok and some are pretty good.

So yeah, looking at what Mido 2021 Digital has to offer, I think they have picked a good platform for a virtual event.  So this is what you can expect…

“MIDO 2021 | Digital Edition has several opportunities and initiatives in store: a special show with a high emotional impact, “A new way of seeing”, will open the event on June 5 with a special guest; the photographer Albert Watson who, from his point of view, will narrate the transformative moment the world is going through and the new ways of seeing everything that surrounds us: beauty, living together, nature, technology, and the future. The event scheduled for June 6 goes straight to the heart of MIDO, addressing two fundamental aspects of the eyewear industry: fashion and design through the encounter of 5 talents from different worlds, 4 successful representatives of the fashion world and 4 promising designers in the sector.

Once again, this year sees plenty of appointments with WGSN: Future Consumer 2022, Millennial and Genx Priorities, The Future Shopper e Eyewear Trends. A particular emphasis will be placed on innovative and eco-sustainable materials thanks to the contribution of Materially and the 3 events scheduled during the tradeshow: Biomaterially, Transformed Waste, Perfect beauty.

Stands, lounges and rooms become virtual, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day: spaces for public engagement that, until 31 December, will offer events, meetings, and genuine business opportunities, with the exhibition of products and the possibility of online trading. An ongoing commitment to develop the business and prepare for the highly anticipated edition scheduled for February 2022.

The Digital Edition of MIDO 2021 will be packed with news for everyone: the BeStore Award will also be enriched with a new category. This year, in addition to the Design and Innovation prizes awarded by an international panel of experts, the Your BeStore award will also be presented, giving all visitors the chance to vote for their favourite optical centre through the platform.”

Personally for me from a press point of view, I am highly excited to see the fashion side of things and to see what things WGSN are predicting for 2022. I can understand some people may feel unsure about virtual events. However, with the pandemic, no one truly knows what is the best way to navigate through and we are all doing our best in this ever changing landscape. I think you have nothing to lose so give it a go, attend the event at the comfort of your own home, in your loungewear and you may discover something amazing.

The event will be taking place between Saturday 5 to Monday 7 June. All updates on the event will be on the Mido website so check it out and sign up.