What’s not to like about the STEPPERS STS-30063? If you’re looking for eyewear that you can enjoy wearing all-day, every day that is also in tune with your personality, this could well be it.

Many of us want to express ourselves in eyewear as we do with the rest of our wardrobe but are put off fashion eyewear by overbearing frames that try too hard to make a statement.

‘STEPPERS turns ‘fashion’ into ‘wearable fashion’, creating modern eyewear with the renowned ‘feel good’ the brand’s fit delivers. So, our frames work for you both emotionally and physically,’ explains Saskia Stepper, the creative force behind STEPPERS.

First, select a front colour that most connects with you. Sculptured from TX5, the front’s super-light plastic material will gently work with your facial contours to deliver outstanding comfort. The sheet cut stainless steel sides meet the front with a contemporary joint. ‘The design, colour and material combination make the STS-30063 a postmodernist delight,’ adds Saskia.

This is a frame for the fashionable majority who want to express their good taste in a frame that isn’t screaming ‘look at me’, whilst experiencing total wearer pleasure.

Find the colour that best suits you (from a choice of brown, crystal or blue), try it on, then delight in the realisation your new frame weighs only 8.3g.

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