Now in the UK, as life is getting back to some form of normality the talks of heading back to the office fills some people with dread. What has life been like for you during this extended working from home period? I always find it fascinating that many people seemed less bothered about getting good blue light filter lenses when they were based in the office. Suddenly, a pandemic hit, everyone had to work from home and quickly blue light filter lenses went up in demand and it was the talk of the town.

With the pandemic, our use of smart devices definitely went up because it was the only way we stayed connected and entertained. However, in my opinion, lenses (and not just blue light filter lenses) should be an important part of your eyewear purchasing decision anyway. A good pair of frames makes you look and feel great but a good pair of lenses can help you to see the world better and help to keep your eyes in good health.

Maui Jim Blue Light Filter Optical Lenses

Maui Jim Blue Light Filter Optical Lenses

Now, if you have been following me long enough or follow me on social media then you may know I am a bit of a fan of Maui Jim sunglasses. The lenses are just the best, they really put your eyes at ease even under the brightest of days or from strong glare on the road. Maui Jim launched their optical range back in 2018 and with that, they have also brought out a range of optical lenses to go with the collection. I bet you are all thinking, can the optical lenses be as good as the sun lens. Well… I think the answer is a yes. Even though personally I do not have Maui lenses in my glasses right now, I have tried them during a trade show before the pandemic hit. I know you may think “oh a lens is just a lens” but believe me, I have worn many different types of lenses and I can tell the difference. Maui optical lenses do live up to the standards of their sun range.

The one thing I quite like about Maui Jim optical lenses is the price point includes all the coatings for the lenses as standard. At the moment, many still charge extra on top for anti scratch or anti glare but not Maui Jim. Currently they are offering six different lens options to cater for different needs, from blue light protect to colour enhancing which is great for night time driving.

I am looking forward to trying some Maui optical lenses for the long term because the sun lenses are just so good. Next time you visit your opticians and they stock Maui Jim sun or optical ranges, it is worth considering their optical lenses. Ask your optician and find out more or click on the link here and explore the Maui Jim website.