The STEPPER EYEWEAR brand originates from its founder, Hans Stepper, understanding that comfortable frames were those that wearers valued most. This knowledge has driven 50 years of innovation and technology to deliver comfort to millions of frame wearers across the world.

‘To achieve lightness, we select materials weighing less than their traditional counterparts. With the SI-20113 STEPPER eschew Nickel Silver, Monel and Acetate, preferring Titanium and TX5. This combination results in a frame of generous proportions at a fraction of the weight you would normally expect,’ informs Peter Reeve, Managing Director, STEPPER UK Limited.

The front is moulded in STEPPER’s own TX5 material which is 25% lighter than more common plastics. Not only is it light, but the precise anatomical curves are also ‘memorised’ during the injection moulding process (so the frame keeps its shape) and the material has a flexibility, strength and durability that belies its perceived delicacy.

The Titanium sides also bring strength and durability with an additional weight bonus, being approximately 50% lighter than comparable metals. Both the Titanium and TX5 parts are hypoallergenic, so far more unlikely to result in a skin reaction, unlike many other frame materials. The total frame weight is just 7.2g and this difference is most appreciated when you try it on.

‘The styling of the SI-20113 is contemporary-classic’ adds Peter. ‘This means almost anyone will suit the frame and it can be worn with any wardrobe. So, you can wear this STEPPER and get on with your life.’

Available in a choice of colours (brown, midnight and green) so finding one to suit you will be as easy as it is to live with one.

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