In America, July is dry eyes awareness month and I feel it is something we should all talk about. Personally I suffer from dry eyes quite often and my optometrist said my tear ducts are under producing. Other issues I have is that I am a contact lens wearer too, which doesn’t help, and also when I am tired from the lack of sleep. My eyes really suffer! The itchiness is actually a bit unbearable for me at times. I am constantly using eye drops too.

I think dry eyes is a common problem that gets overlooked by many people but it is a very treatable issue. Like for me, I regularly use eye drops as recommended by my optometrist and I also make sure I visit my opticians when needed. Even if you are not a glasses or contact lens wearer, go and visit your opticians if you have any issues with your eyes, they can pick up a lot more than just “you need to wear glasses”. An eye examination can pick up so much now days.

Dry eyes may seem like a trivial problem but if left untreated it can cause damage to the cornea of our eyes which is the outer layer. Of course, from that other issues may arise from it. As I have said many times, I am a strong believer in looking after our peepers because we are only given one set of eyes, once our sight is gone then it is gone. My worst fear is not being able to watch my girls grow up.

Numerous reasons can cause dry eyes from the seasonal hay-fever, the environment and even taking certain medications. As for women, during pregnancy that can also cause dry eyes due to a change in hormone levels. Whatever the reason may be for your dry eyes, speak to your optometrist, get advice and look after them.