This is a textbook example of applying archetypal eyewear design elements with 21st Century manufacturing technology to create something that is both recognisable and exciting.

‘The SI-20104 is one of those frames that you are instantly familiar with,’ comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director, STEPPER UK. ‘The look isn’t challenging, instead it looks instantly right.’

This is a style for those confident in their wardrobe; understated yet fashion conscious. This frame isn’t retro, but it is ageless. The panto eye shape, the keyhole bridge, and combination of metal and plastic with minimal embellishment, allows for a piece that is quietly self-assured and undeniably elegant.

‘You’re also instantly comfortable with the SI-20104,’ adds Peter. ‘The bridge construction allows for an easy fit for most faces, the use of lightweight materials (TX5 and Titanium) brings day-long wearer comfort and, with both materials being hypoallergenic, the frame delivers skin-friendly benefits.’

Assured in style and comfort, the SI-20104 is a timeless piece that, with its durable materials, will give the wearer reliable eyewear that will look and feel good for a long time to come.

Available in a choice of colours (brown/antique bronze, grey/gold and black/rose gold) to suit most skin tones this ‘instant classic’ will quickly become a ‘go-to’ style that is repeatedly returned to.

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