Ronit Furst is probably the eyewear brand you will associate with colourful, joyful and arty eyewear. They are probably one of the most well known brands for their hand-painted eyewear. If you are based in the UK and watch The Great British Bake Off then you may be aware that judge Prue Leith is a huge fan of the brand. She may not wear them on the show anymore (due to advertising laws) but on a personal level, that is her go-to brand.

Ronit Furst eyewear have had a complete revamp of their website and they have relaunched it. The website is looking arty and fun which is what the brand is all about. Apart from that, they have also massively improved on the navigation and the general user interface of their website.

Apart from the usability, they have also added all the new collections to the website and there is even a section called “coming soon” with up coming styles as a little teaser.

If you’ve even wondered how Ronit Furst frames are made, how they actually hand paint them and get the paint to stay put, then watch this short video. I found it rather interesting. Check out the new website right here!