Applying Stainless Steel to ophthalmic eyewear has for some time produced popular and attractive pieces. STEPPERS metal frames employ the creative skills of the STEPPER EYEWEAR design team and the abilities of their production colleagues to work Stainless Steel to deliver thoroughly modern looking frames.

Today, not only popular in modern jewellery design, this once industrial only metal, is skin friendly for those with a sensitivity to base metals, corrosion-resistant and strong.

‘Design comes to the front with STEPPERS frames,’ injects Peter Reeve, Managing Director, STEPPER UK. ‘Literally to the front – as you can see in the rim outline of this example.’

The first thing you notice about the STS-40208 is its combination of straight lines and curves that together make up its eye-shape. Once encouraged to study its composition, you discover the temple detail with its clever hinge mechanism that fascinates upon opening and closing.

Add to this imaginative STEPPERS colouring and you have a stylish piece of ‘face art’ with the wearability and comfort the brand is renowned for,’ concludes Peter.

Choose your colour from four available options (Grey/Rose Gold, Green/Gun-Metal, Vanilla/Gold or Lilac/Silver) to match your personality and enjoy a fashionable frame you can wear day in, day out for as long as the mood takes you.

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