When we hear the words “eyewear collection” we immediately think, oh what brand is launching a new collection? What if someone out there is trying to launch an eyewear collection but without launching a brand? An eyewear collection that is just a one off… how would that work? You know what, I have no idea but it is an interesting concept considering we are now living in a post pandemic world. Maybe it is a nice way to create something without the commitment of creating a brand. That way the creator can keep creating different things.

Why on earth I am talking about this no brand business, well. I came across an article from The Business of Fashion and Won Lee the former US chief executive and creative director of South Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster and they are going to do just that.

At the moment he has no intention to create an eyewear brand so he is just going to bring out a one off collection of sunglasses with a campaign featuring Willow Smith and Harry Hudson. It does sound strange to use such big celebs to front the campaign because that is something you would do when you are creating a brand and building an identity. Perhaps this could be a safer way to create a consumer driven product in the post pandemic world. If it isn’t successful then no big deal, right? It wasn’t brand anyway.  I’m incredibly interested to see how this progresses.

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Image credit : The Business of Fashion